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Setting Goals–The Anticipation Factor

My two little boys woke up in the morning to start their day and I greeted them with this statement, ‘Guess what!’ As I said that, my boy’s three and half year old eyes lit up with an incredible look of anticipation on his face as he said: ‘What!’ I proceeded to tell him we […]

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Twitter – The City That Never Sleeps!

Well if you haven’t heard of Twitter, you will.  It is the city that never sleeps!  ”Twitterville” is a social networking platform where you follow and subscribe to, other peoples “tweets” or “twits” (my slang). What is a “tweet” or “twit”? Well it’s not what you called your little brother when he snuck into your room […]

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Social Networking-A Newbie Standpoint

The choice question is not will you engage in Social Networking, but when? I spoke with a new friend and marketing enthusiast about my new move toward branding and promoting myself and my business through Social Networking.  He mentioned that he was almost dreading getting started but knew it was necessary.  When I told him […]

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My Beautiful Pregnant Wife…

stood in the doorway of my home office, face shining with a pregnant glow and making small talk about her day.  She made the comment from her Doctors visit, ‘They weighed me today!’  Now you ladies reading this know immediately, when a pregnant woman is about to boast of the fact that the Doctor weighed […]

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