I had the joy of attending another ultrasound of my soon to arrive third son. It is a breathtaking and emotional site to see the little one moving and breathing. Most of the ultrasound is in 2D to look at organs, amniotic fluid levels, movement and to measure the baby. Once the required tests are done we get the joy of seeing our child in 4D!


This is a big difference from our first boy almost four years ago where we had a VHS tape and 2D ultrasound pictures.

What is 4D ultrasound?

An ultrasound is the machine that allows you to see the baby during pregnancy. A sonogram is the picture taken of the baby during the ultrasound. A sonogram is a “still-shot” of the baby.  4D Ultrasounds take 3D ultrasound images, or 3D sonograms, and adds the element of time to the process. The result is live action ultrasound images of your baby. Some people refer to the procedure as prenatal imaging, 3D imaging, a 3D scan, or 4D scan.

It is amazing how technology changes and continues to enhance our experiences in life. This technology of 4D ultrasound has had an impact on our life and I share it with you.

Michael Bristol