The choice question is not will you engage in Social Networking, but when? I spoke with a new friend and marketing enthusiast about my new move toward branding and promoting myself and my business through Social Networking.  He mentioned that he was almost dreading getting started but knew it was necessary.  When I told him that I had just recently begun this journey and have seen success in just a short period of time, he suddenly was energized to move forward with the process personally. It is important to stir your friends with stories of your success to encourage them to their own potential.

This is what Social Networking will do to you… suck you in and take you on an expedition into a never ending environment of information.  This can leave you wondering, ‘What to focus on to gain the best results’.  If you have A.D.D. (or are a coffee addict) you’re in for a wild ride. 

So where do you start? Of which you, the reader, will complete…

1.       Find your passion. (This Starts with Desire)


What keeps you awake at night?  When you sit down in your favorite chair, in a noiseless environment, and let out a sigh as you hit the chair.  What do you think about when you let out that single sigh? That sigh is your passion.  It’s what you want to change or add to this world.  Find what is in the sigh.


2.       Find those with like passion. (This Starts with Community)

Find those, that resonate the same sigh, that when sighed together sounds like a concert.  (Interesting thought) In that concert community, occasionally you will have a solo that trumpets the theme of what you are promoting to their network.  They will begin to pass along your passion because it resonates with them.  ‘Birds of a feather flock together.’ Find the birds.

3.       Establish yourself in that community. (This Starts with Honest Contribution)

If you barge into a community expecting to blast your product, you will fall flat and be labeled as a user and not a contributor. ‘Give and it will be given unto you.’ This is why it’s called ‘Social Networking’. Social Networking is a dialogue not a monologue. Find your voice.

4.       Grow Roots in Your Establishment.  (This is Where You Focus)


A mistake that can be made in the beginning steps of Social Networking is to take on too much at once in the attempt to make your voice heard.  Once you find your community, establish yourself, build relationships and allow the solo artist to trumpet about you. Once that happens, your cross networking will begin to take place.  If you spread yourself out too much initially you will be an ‘Expert of many, but a master of none.’  Let your relational network get established in the beginning and it will grow as you go.  If you spread out too much initially you will get many invites for friendships but establish zero relationships. Find your roots.

Now the rest is up to you… What are your thoughts?  You add 5, 6, 7 and beyond with your comments and contributions to this post. Begin the Social Networking process by joining this discussion and grow roots.





Michael Bristol